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Sunday morning Live Stream 10AM

The majority of people visiting this site are looking for a home church.  This process of finding such a church is rarely easy or fun as visiting a church for the first time can be awkward and make one feel vulnerable.  We here at New Hope are interested in helping you find a community of believers with whom you can live alongside in your life's journey with Jesus.  Maybe that community is us, but maybe not.  Either way, our desire is to help people find a home.  Perhaps this website will give you a taste of what our community is like.  Welcome.

​One of our top values at New Hope is community.  Click here to learn what sort of community we are shooting for.

Because it is important  that our kids enjoy coming to church we provide a well-equipped nursery, age appropriate Sunday School classes, and weekly youth group.  Click here to learn more.

It is difficult to get to know people when you only see them Sunday mornings.  Click here to see our community groups.  From men's to women's to any season of life, we may have a group for you.

Every church community has a set of core beliefs.  Click here to see ours.

Click here to learn about our church staff.

Sundays at 10am

Come early for good coffee (not "church" coffee)


336 Livingston Ave.

Missoula, MT  59801

Office hours:

9-3 Monday-Friday

(Best to call ahead though: 406.721.7717)

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